“Where would I travel based on my MBTI personality?”

In this blog series ‘MBTI Travel’ discover different cities around the globe that suits your personality and travel style (and possibly gets into your bucket list). Let’s start the journey!

Disclaimer: The article is written based on the personality traits according to Myers Briggs Personality Test. Not sure what’s your personality type? Take the test here

By Edwina Zhu

Home to ancient gods and goddesses alike, Greece is the land of stunning ocean views and captivating history. Take a trip to the holiday paradise for an enriching cultural experience and delicious food!

ESFJ (Consul) – Santorini, Greece


Extraverted, social and popular: these are just a few words that would describe the typical consul. It’s tiring being the life of the party, so why not reward yourself with a well-deserved holiday where you can take some of the world’s most instagrammable pictures? 

  • Oia Village 

The Oia Village is situated north of Santorini and is just one of the many picturesque scenes you’ll come across on the island. Dating back to the 1400s, the village with a sea-side view housed many with a maritime lifestyle, and its once discreet architecture was designed to protect captains and sailors from pirates. As its population grew, cave houses expanded into larger homes and mansions before transforming into what we now know as the sugar cube houses. The village is a sea of minimalist, white architecture, with bright blue rooftops floating atop, establishing itself as one of the most popular and busiest tourist destinations in Greece. Follow the veins of cobblestone paths and staircases and you’ll also find yourself some stone castles sitting on the highest points of the island, as well as a killer view of the Santorini sunset. Although the area is mostly residential, you can also find some places of worship, identifiable by the blue-domed roofs, such as the Panagia Church. Unlike the simple exterior, the inside bears extravagant artworks of rich colours and gold. 

*Be sure to refrain from climbing the walls or ledges of these buildings as there are residential homes and sacred places!*

  • Akrotiri Paintings and Ruins 

Likened to Italy’s Pompeii, Akrotiri was once an ancient city ruined by a volcanic eruption. The sophisticated buildings, homes and infrastructure of Akrotiri can be viewed in Thera, giving a real look at what life was like dating back to 1500 BC. The archaeological site also offers a look at the iconic Akrotiri paintings, capturing the red-tones art that decorated the interiors of ancient Greece. Featuring geometric patterns to intricate subject studies such as fish, food or people, the Akrotiri paintings take you way back in time to re-live the life of a young boxer or as a Minoan lady. 

  • Moussaka

Like a lasagna or shepherd’s pie, moussaka is a classic example of comfort food. Although the name itself has Turkish and Arabic origin, the Greek version has since evolved to become a nationwide favourite. Made with layers of fried potatoes and eggplants between a tomato-based meat sauce, the Greek moussaka can be distinguished by its creamy white béchamel sauce and ‘kefalotyri,’ a type of sharp Greek cheese to top the dish. 

  • Bougatsa

Although typically eaten for breakfast, Bougatsa has become a popular choice for dessert for those with a sweet tooth, as it is sure to satiate your cravings. The combination of flakey pastry layers and creamy custard is served warm, dusted with sugar and cinnamon. Bougatsa however, can also be enjoyed as a savoury dish. Swap out the custard for some cheese and you’ll have a mouthful of sugary cheese pastry; a combination that pairs surprisingly well. For the consul, this is one good-looking dish you’ll want to snap a picture of. 


During the Summers in Santorini, the days are dry, with temperatures average around a pleasantly warm 25-30 degrees: perfect for sunbathing! However, on particularly hot days, you might want to seek some shade as scorching summers in Santorini can reach 38 degrees. Following the Summer, the September and October period is the most popular travel time among tourists, where the waters are still warm and days stay sunny. As for the Winter times, Santorini doesn’t get as cold as the rest of Greece, with temperatures averaging at a chilly 15-18 degrees. Winter is also a great time to visit the islands as tourist spots are less crowded and you can experience accommodation prices for less. At this time, you’re more likely to experience wet and humid weather. Just make sure to pack an umbrella with you!

Want to see beautiful architecture and experience the life of tsarist royalty? Be sure to visit Russia!

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