University of Connecticut (Storrs, Connecticut)

Adam Gori is studying a Bachelor of Commerce (International). He went to the University of Connecticut to fulfil his one-year exchange degree requirement during September 2018 – May 2019. 


What factors did you consider when choosing your exchange destinations?

Firstly, I only selected universities from North America because that was where I wanted to live. Secondly, I looked into past WAM cut-off requirements to narrow down my choices. Thirdly, I selected schools with a good undergraduate business school (via ranking websites), which offered a wide variety of classes (so that I wasn’t limited or forced to pick subjects I didn’t want to do). Finally, I looked into the dorm and campus lifestyles and what past exchange students had thought of their experiences.


Superbowl Game
Superbowl Game


What were some highlights you found valuable on your trip?

 Some highlights include the diverse range of social interaction I experienced. Some examples include joining a Fraternity and meeting some of my best-friends for life, and becoming close with my exchange friends. Other highlights include new life experiences such as playing intramural flag-football and other sports, and exploring different cities in the United States.

Cuban Streets
Cuban Streets

Where did you live during your exchange?

At UCONN (University of Connecticut), I lived in a dorm hall called North Campus, which housed most of the exchange students and sophomore local students who were similar to my age. I enjoyed my accommodation for a few reasons: I had a great roommate, I got really close with my exchange friends since we used to catch up in the dorm common rooms and it was conveniently located near the centre of campus. Another bonus was that it was one of the most affordable options. I would definitely stay there again!

What are some things you wish you knew before going to your exchange destination?

  1. Sign-up for as many clubs/societies as possible. This is the best way to meet new people.
  2. Travel as much as possible with friends to nearby cities and areas. They tend to surprise you! I visited areas such as Cape Cod and Rhode Island, just to name a couple.
  3. I should’ve packed more winter gear! Definitely pack to suit the climate.


Skiing in Whistler
Skiing in Whistler

3 Tips for budgeting on exchange?

  1. Create your budget (how much you want to spend) before leaving.
  2. Buy necessities (e.g. sheets, pillows, detergent, etc.) from outlets or cheap shopping locations (e.g. Walmart) when you arrive.
  3. Eat as much as possible from the campus food dining halls so that you’re not spending a lot on food. Expenses build up!



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