The Team

The Executive Team of 2021/2022 are excited to bring a new and fresh energy to our Commerce (International) community. With big ideas in the works, we present the people who work hard to turn them into your realities.

Executive Team 2022

Vir Suri


Clarabella Kusuma


Esther You

Vice President (Externals)

Jae Ho Ahn

Vice President (Operations)

Judy Mansell

Vice President (Internals)

Samantha Chen

Secretary and Treasurer

Board of Directors 2022

Christelle Salimbangon

Careers Director

Jeffery Zhang

Socials Director

Kristina Dong

Publications Director

Joanna Han

Marketing Director

Jay Baldwin

Human Resources Director

Jenny Yang

First-Year Representative

Jed Kohlmann

First-Year Representative

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