In a land where the busy hustle of the urban city meets the natural landscape of towering mountains and extensive coastlines, Chile has it all. Entwined with history and culture, Chile is sure to satisfy the adventurous spirits of all who explore it. Continue reading Chile


Rooted in a culture of festivals and celebration (and soccer of course!) Brazil’s tropical beaches, aromatic cuisine, and welcoming people are entrenched in a historical and religious spirit. Known for being a tourist’s paradise, you are sure to leave this utopia of a country awestruck. Continue reading Brazil


From the rise of the Ancient Egypt empire where Pyramids and the Spinx were built to the invention of medicine, calendar, and even toothpaste, Egypt is proven to be one of the first movers in world history. Connecting history and modern living, explore the various sites in Egypt that sure amaze you! Continue reading Egypt

South Africa

Located in the southernmost point of the continent, South Africa may be counted as one of the most geographically varied countries. Apart from being the home of 2 world’s most renowned wildlife reserve, South Africa is surrounded with pristine beaches, wide-open savannah and desert, and high mountain peaks. Continue reading South Africa