Greetings from China

“A letter from International Students to Commerce International”

The pandemic has hindered the plans of many students this year to continue their studies overseas. In this blog series ‘A letter to Commerce International’ we reached out to a range of students impacted by travel restrictions to gain insight into their experiences studying remotely. 

Hey there!

My name is Amelia and I am a second year student studying a bachelor of Media at Macquarie University in Sydney (Although I’m currently based in China and am actually thinking of transferring degrees to criminal psychology later on lol).

Frankly speaking, from the beginning of the pandemic to now, I feel as though I haven’t really adapted well to the online learning environment yet. This is mainly because I I feel like there has been a resistance towards higher levels of productivity. I also realised that this is actually mostly due to the lessened face-to-face communication since the restrictions in response to Covid-19. Throughout lockdown and the experience of Covid-19 as a whole, I’ve found myself using my phone a lot more and I’ve also come to the realisation that iPhones actually have really good battery life.

On the other hand, the effects of this Covid-19 response has also impacted the community and environments around me in both China and Australia. The restrictions placed on social activities are impacting negatively, placing enormous emotional strain especially on those who have been struggling with their mental health and even causing people to commit suicide. As such, it has been an extremely hard time for many people across the world. 

However, when the travel restrictions ease, I would like to recommend Beijing as a place for people to visit, simply because it is the capital city and has many beautiful attractions and historical richness. As for myself, I don’t have a particular destination in mind but I will definitely want to travel when the world reopens. 

Stay Safe!


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