Greetings from Hong Kong

"A letter from International Students to Commerce International"

The pandemic has hindered the plans of many students this year to continue their studies overseas. In this blog series ‘A letter to Commerce International’ we reached out to a range of students impacted by travel restrictions to gain insight into their experiences studying remotely. 

 These are their responses.

Hello everyone! My name is Yumiko and I’m a second year student studying a tourism associate degree at the Hong Kong Baptist University. 

Since the transition to online learning, I’ve been able to study at home and there’s no need to wake up early to go on campus to study. Unfortunately, this has affected my social life a lot, as I can’t get to know my classmates from campus and it is oftentimes very difficult to form teams to do group projects. Because of that, I prefer in person classes more than online lessons. If I attend uni face to face, I can meet many new friends and I can always ask the professor questions immediately.

In my university we use mixed modes to study. This allows us to choose zoom or face to face classes/study sessions. We also need to write a health declaration form before we go to campus as a precautionary measure for Covid. When we get the chance to attend in person classes, we must also wear a mask on campus.

Now in Hong Kong, many people are listening to a local boy group called, “Mirror.” I like their songs very much such as ‘Warrior’ and ‘Boss’. I would really recommend those songs to those who have never listened to them before. As for myself, I’ve also picked up some hobbies over the duration of COVID, like working out in the comfort of my home to stay fit. 

One of the first things I’d like to do when the borders reopen is to visit South Korea. I think Jeju Island is a very beautiful place and there are many beautiful cafes that I can visit. I would also like to recommend a place for someone who has never visited Hong Kong before. I think the Victoria Harbour is a very beautiful place! Here is a photo I took:

Victoria Harbour, Central and Western District Promenade, Hong Kong

From Hong Kong, 


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