“Where would I travel based on my MBTI personality?”

In this blog series ‘MBTI Travel’ discover different cities around the globe that suits your personality and travel style (and possibly gets into your bucket list). Let’s start the journey!

Disclaimer: The article is written based on the personality traits according to Myers Briggs Personality Test. Not sure what’s your personality type? Take the test here

By Amie Shao

Rooted in a culture of festivals and celebration (and soccer of course!) Brazil’s tropical beaches, aromatic cuisine, and welcoming people are entrenched in a historical and religious spirit. Known for being a tourist’s paradise, you are sure to leave this utopia of a country awestruck.

ESTJ (Executive) – São Paulo, Brazil


Sao Paulo may just be the perfect destination for an Executive. You act with integrity, dignity, and order, forever prioritising the communal experience. With a passion for travel and social gatherings, Sao Paulo’s city life is the perfect remedy for anyone looking for an eventful trip away. So, grab your friends and come on a trip to Brazil’s largest city!

  • Avenida Paulista

Stretching 2.8km, the treasured Paulista Avenue is the heart keeping the city alive. Visit any day of the week and you’ll be greeted by a sea of tourists and locals walking to the beat of street performers, or tempted by markets and stalls selling fragrant snacks and drinks. As an executive, you will need to make a trip to Old Paulista, the oldest residence in the area or Casa das Rosas, a cultural hub dedicated to poetry and the arts and observe the familial history and tradition that permeated its streets. Come night time and the pubs and bars awaken; treat your friends to a night out, strike a conversation with the locals and share your love for their city over a caipirinha, Brazil’s national zesty cocktail. 

  • Beco do Batman

Take your friends to Beco do Batman and you are sure to impress with this art-filled paradise. Located in the Vila Madalena neighbourhood of Sao Paulo, every inch of this area is adorned with graffiti art of a plethora of styles by Brazil’s most talented graffiti artists. Its name Batman’s Alley is attributed to the first drawing of the superhero on its walls, but you are also guaranteed to see cartoonish caricatures, mythical creatures, pop art and psychedelic images. For Executives who are keen to impress their friends, this is one destination that you cannot miss. Beware not to walk too fast, else you’ll miss a picture-worthy art piece next to your feet or in a hidden alleyway!

  • Pão de Queijo

What’s better than carbs and cheese? The two together of course! With culinary roots traced to Minas Gerais, this savoury snack can be found anywhere in the city and is loved by the locals and tourists as a snack or a delicious breakfast treat. Made with tapioca flour, indulge in its chewy texture and truly moreish and irresistible flavours while reminded of its Portuguese roots. Try this treat in Pao de Queijo Haddock Lobo bar

  • Coxinha

Its fame was conceived in Sao Paulo and is now a Brazilian delicacy, making Coxinha the number one snack to taste if you visit. Resembling a chicken drumstick, this Brazilian take on a croquette is made from shredded chicken meat and dough which is deep-fried on the streets or in holes in the wall bars like the famous Veloso Bar that is never short on eager customers. With a range of varieties, even vegans can indulge in this treat made with mushrooms or jackfruit instead, giving you no excuse to miss out on this delicacy!


The best seasons to visit are the spring and autumn seasons where there are less precipitation and warm temperatures. However, for beach lovers who don’t mind high temperatures and humidity, the summer months from January to March are a good time to go. March to May are the best months to visit, especially for outdoor activities and sightseeing. October to November welcomes Spring weather, but be sure to pack an umbrella!

ENTJ (Commander) – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


As a commander, backpacking in the heart of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro will be one trip to tick off your bucket list! With a drive for adventure and taking on challenges, you makeup only 3% of the population but are 100% compatible with Rio de Janeiro’s panoramic ocean view, captivating mountains and exotic rainforests, for your powerhouse personality can only come close to this city of seductive Samba dances and endless wonders. 

  • Christ the Redeemer

Recognised as one of the seven wonders of the world, this breathtaking statue of Jesus Christ stands on the Corcovado Mountains 2330 feet above the ground. This cultural, historic and religious symbol is an iconic landmark; Christ’s open arms symbolic of the welcoming and warm-hearted core of the Brazilian spirit. For the commander, reaching the top of the mountain might mean taking on the challenge to walk the 8mile hiking trail. This arduous yet rewarding hike is not for the light-hearted!! (Public Transportation is also available for an easy ride up the mountain.) The panoramic view of the sea coupled with the historic roots of this towering statue is an indescribable experience; the feat of constructing the statue itself is symbolic of the intense faith and vigour that captures the conviction of its people.

  • Tijuca National Park

Once nestled in the Atlantic rainforest, the remaining 32 square kilometres of reclaimed forest make up the Tijuca National park. Overlooked by Christ the Redeemer, this park has a wealth of flora and fauna. Bring along your binoculars, for you will want a good look at the forest monkeys, iguanas and exotic bird species. Tijuca is also home to 30 waterfalls which will indefinitely excite an adventurous and energetic commander. Make the climb to the summit of the rainforest and indulge in its paradisal view (and don’t forget to keep an eye out for man-made attractions like the oriental gazebo!)

  • Feijoada

This hearty dish is a winner in Brazilian eyes, and for good reason. You will have little difficulty finding this famous dish, infused with a history of colonisation and rich flavour. Made with beans and beef or pork, this slow-cooked stew is a combination of salty, smoky and spicy that will leave your breath taken. Served with potatoes, pork crackling or kale, the feijoada isn’t just a culinary experience, but a sensory one too!

Fun Fact: Legend has it that feijoada comes from the time of slavery in Brazil when slaves mixed black beans with the leftover meat that their masters felt were unfit to eat – pig’s ears, tail, and feet, and the fat and tongue of a cow!

  • Brigadeiro

For those with a sweet tooth, this Brazilian chocolate treat is definitely something to indulge in. These chocolate balls are made with condensed milk and chocolate, giving it a rich flavour and decadent aroma that will please all dessert lovers. They say to trust the locals when it comes to food, and with the brigadeiro serving as a staple in most Brazilian households, no trip to Rio de Janeiro is complete without a visit to the local bakery or sweet shop.


Between December and March, the warm summer weather is fitting for outdoor exploration and beach visits. This is the busiest period for Rio, with temperatures sitting at around 25-30 degrees and chances of rain, so don’t forget your umbrella! From April to May, expect humid and damp tropical weather while the winter months from June to September are enjoyed by tourists for moderate temperatures and ideal weather for sightseeing. Lower chances of rain and fog during this period are great for mountain hikes and photo taking.

Brazil Partner Exchange University: Fundacao  Getulio Vargas  Dereito Rio

If you love history and Pyramids, immerse yourself in the colourful culture of Egypt!

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