New Zealand

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By Jessica Tiera Sylvian

Small in size but heaps to explore. New Zealand, one of the countries geographically close to Australia offers a tour of nature across the country.

ISFP (Adventurer) – South Island, New Zealand

Why South Island

Adventurers sure love adventures! Your trip always starts with impulsive ticket buying and ends with making the best memories on the road. Yes, road trips are your type of getaway and New Zealand’s South Island is a perfect start to your trip (you can even explore the whole island by car!).

Where to go in South Island?
  • Fiordland National Park

Here we discover another UNESCO World Heritage site. Marked as one of New Zealand’s natural icon, it is home to magnificent glaciers, stunning fiords, snow-peaked alpine ranges, and inhabited by unique flora and fauna.

The history of Fiordland National Park started when early Māoris visited for food hunting. Although human activities have been limited over time due to challenging landscape and to conserve its natural habitat, you can still explore parts of the park by tracking, cycling, and even camping overnight (permit may be required!).

Is it a fiord or a sound? Although the park is named as the land of fiords, ironically most of the fiords are named as sounds (which both do have the same meaning!). Milford Sound is definitely one of the most well-known fiords in the parkland. Take a boat tour to discover the beauty of this natural ice-carved landscape that connects to the open ocean.

Hop on a boat tour to see this magnificent view of Milford Sound
  • Mt. Cook/Aoraki

The highest peak in the country offers a breathtaking view as you explore the surrounding areas. Whether you are an adventurer by heart or just started to join the club, Mt. Cook offers all types of means to make sure you have the best time while travelling.

Spot the mountain peak from afar!

If you are keen on a relaxing walk while absorbing nature, there are 10 short walks ranging from 1 to 2 hours return trip. Located away from the city lights, grab your chance for amazing stargazing and spot the clear skies filled with bright stars. For a stunning view before heading to Mt. Cook, make sure to stop by Lake Pukaki.

Follow the Hooker Valley Track for a short walk of Mt. Cook area.
Stop by and enjoy the breathtaking view of Lake Pukaki and Mt. Cook.
What to eat in South Island?
  • Southland Cheese Roll

New Zealand version of the classic American grilled cheese sandwich. This rolled grill cheese sandwich, also known as the Southland sushi is a top hit among South Islanders. With a slice of bread rolled with cheese, topped with butter, and grilled to perfection, this light snack will sure make you rollin’!

  • Canterbury Lamb

Having a lamb population ratio of 3:1 compared to humans in the country, it is no doubt that New Zealand knows their meat produce. From the South Island to the rest of the world, lamb has been one of New Zealand’s export commodity. And what’s better than having it close to the source. Bistro-style grilled lamb served with mint sauce, root vegetables, and a glass of Pinot Noir, the perfect way to enjoy your Sunday night roast.

  • The Kiwi Burger

The Kiwi Burger made with no Kiwi. This burger is first introduced as a nostalgic typical New Zealand burger back in 1976. Between the toasted buns is filled with a juicy beef patty, tomato, lettuce, cheese, onions, mustard, tomato sauce, and 2 ingredients that add to the local New Zealand taste – fried egg and beetroot! Get your hands on this local delicacy from the famous burger joint in the South (and the whole country), Fergburger.

Fun fact: Did you know that McDonalds in New Zealand also add Kiwi Burger to their menu since 2011?

How’s the weather in South island?

When Kiwis say you can experience four seasons in a day, they really mean it. The weather in New Zealand can be unpredictable but in general, the South Island has a lower average temperature compared to the North.

Kiwis sure love summer as much as we do. Combining the warmest days and the longest holiday of the year, summer is the perfect time to get outside and explore the Southern land. If you want to avoid the crowds and secure better rates on accommodation, visit during autumn and spot the autumn foliage. Winter is all about snow. Transform the island into a winter wonderland, pack your winter sports gears ready and have some fun in the snow!

Whichever season you’re going, every season brings its own picturesque view.

If New Zealand has captivated you by its natural beauty, grab the chance to explore more during exchange!

New Zealand exchange partner university: University of Auckland

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