"Where would I travel based on my MBTI personality?" 

In this blog series ‘MBTI Travel’ discover different cities around the globe that suits your personality and travel style (and possibly gets into your bucket list). Let’s start the journey!

Disclaimer: The article is written based on the personality traits according to Myers Briggs Personality Test.

By Jessica Tiera Sylvian

Tacos, Mariachi, and Día de Los Muertos or The Day of the Dead – which inspired the award-winning movie ‘Coco’.

What does the three have in common? Yes, they all represent Mexico’s vibrant and colourful culture. Expressing diverse cultures with an artistic point in every corner, a visit to Mexico will surely bring your creative world to live.

INFP (Mediator) – Mexico City, Mexico

Why Mexico City?

Mediators crave opportunities to express their creative side, and it does not stop them to do so while travelling. Mexico City’s vibrant colours and creative cultures help to immerse themselves in creativity and self-expression. Take your time to explore and get yourself inspired by the beauty of this city.

Where to go in Mexico City?
  • Galeria Casa Lamm

The place that connects art to the rest of the world. This art exhibition has been part of the Casa Lamm Cultural Centre since 1993, displaying a range of artwork including paintings, sculptures, and photographs from more than 30 Mexican and European artists. With various on-going exhibitions, explore different stories behind every artwork that sure will enlighten your creativity.

  • San Angel

A beautiful neighbourhood filled with historical building architecture in the midst of urban development. Preserved as ‘Tangible Cultural Heritage of Mexico City’, escape from the bustle of Mexico City as you stroll down the sidewalks and see bright coloured mansions with flowers overspilling the walls. While some continue to be privately-owned homes, others have been converted into public places such as museums and libraries.

If you’re visiting during the weekend, make sure to stop by Plaza de San Jacinto for the most-awaited arts bazaar in the area. Every Saturday the plaza is converted to galleries and crafts bazaar. Surrounded by homes and historical building, this weekend bazaar keeps the area’s artsy vibes to their finest.

What to eat in Mexico City?
  • Pambazo

If you asked locals what’s the dish represents in Mexico City, it’s got to be pambazo. This sandwich is made from a particular type of bread called Pambazo Mexicano with chorizo, potato, lettuce, cheese, cream, and drenched with the right amount of guajillo sauce. And indeed, it’s a tough quest to find the truly good version of this local delicacy.

  • Torta de Tamal

Forget about tacos and quesadillas when you get your hands on torta de tamal. Also known as guajolote (which confusingly, also means “turkey”), this to-go breakfast food combines 2 of Mexico’s favourite street food – tamal and tortas. Or if you’re craving something sweet, find tamales dulces (a sweet version of torta de tamal) filled with dulce de leche and fruits.

How’s the weather in Mexico City?

Mexico’s mild, pleasant weather all year long guarantees an enjoyable time whilst exploring the city. Warmer days last from March to May with an average of 26 degrees during the day. But keep in mind that warm does not mean dry. Although summer is just around the corner, prepare for a higher chance of rain from midyear to late autumn. Best to avoid visiting during this time if you’re not a big fan of rain. Cooler days starts from November to February with low precipitation with an average daily temperature below 22 degrees. Clear sky with little to no rain, the perfect time for outdoor activities.

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