South Africa

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By Jessica Tiera Sylvian

Weeheeheehee dee heeheeheehee weeoh aweem away *inserts The Lion King song*

If you are familiar with this tune, indeed you have watched ‘The Lion King’ at least once in your lifetime. While the movie itself represents Africa’s wildlife, get ready to see the bigger picture of Africa!

Located in the southernmost point of the continent, South Africa may be counted as one of the most geographically varied countries. Apart from being the home of 2 of the world’s most renowned wildlife reserves, South Africa is surrounded with pristine beaches, wide-open savannah and desert, and high mountain peaks.

ESFP (Entertainer) – Cape Town, South Africa

Why Cape Town?

Entertainers’ travel plan involves luxury getaways where you can sit back and indulge in the finer things. Great views and perfect weather, South Africa’s port city is a one-stop travel destination for you to have the best time of your life.

Where to go in Cape Town?
  • Kalk Bay

This cute suburb is a gem on the False Bay Coastline. With a vast selection of restaurants and cafés offering a stunning view along the harbour, get ready to post your #eatingwithaview pictures to your socials! Before heading back, make sure you have extra space in your suitcase as you stop by The Kalk Bay Co-op and pick up a few souvenirs and antiques.

  • Boulders Beach

Cape Town’s location in the southwest coast of the continent means no shortage of amazing beaches. But if you want to experience beyond the ordinary, visiting Boulders Beach is a must.

Boulders Beach is perfect for a swim in the rock pools or leisure picnic along the beach line. Need more peeps to join the party? Meet the residents of Boulders Beach to keep you company – the African penguins. In fact, this is the only place where you can find this smartly-dressed creatures wandering close around you!

What to eat in Cape Town?
  • Braai

“Is Braai the same as BBQ?”

 No, my friend. Braai is more than just BBQ.

Braai is all about good food and a good time. The number one rule of having Braai is fire. As locals said, “A Braai without fire is just BBQ.”. South Africans can Braai almost everything from meat and vegetables to local delicacies including boerewors (farmer’s sausage) and braaibroodjies (toasted sandwich with bread, cheese, onion, and tomato)

More than just a meal, catching up with friends and family with a couple of drinks while waiting for the food is also part of the Braai tradition.

Day or night, rain or shine, South Africans are always down for Braais. Nowadays, many local communities gather for Braais to share food. Pop along  for a local-like Braai experience directly from the locals itself.

  • Biltong and Droewors

Similar but not the same. Coming from South Africa’s history where indigenous tribes tried to preserve meat before fridges were invented, Biltong and Droewors made it to the top list of South Africa’s staple bar snacks.

What differs Biltong and Droewors?

While Biltong uses thinly sliced meat, Droewors uses dunwors (thin sausages). Despite the different type of meat used, both have the same process of curing the meat in a mixture of vinegar, salt, sugar, pepper, and coriander before hung them to dry.

How’s the weather in Cape Town?

Sharing the same Southern Hemisphere climate as Australia, Cape Town has the same summer and winter months as we do.

Summer in Cape Town lasts for 3-4 months, starting from December to end of March with temperature ranging from 17 to 25 degrees. Pack light and expect to see the clear blue skies during this season with little to no precipitation.

During the colder days, temperature can drop as low as 2 degrees with higher chance of rain and wind. Make sure to pack accordingly to keep yourself warm and dry!

ESTP (Entrepreneur) – Johannesburg, South Africa

Why Johannesburg?

Entrepreneurs are high risk takers and always down for challenges that will push their limits. Offering a range of outdoor activities, Johannesburg is destined for Entrepreneurs to keep their adrenalin pumping.

Where to go in Johannesburg?
  • Game reserve at Kruger National Park

Claimed to be the best national park for authentic safari tour in Africa with just 4.5 hours drive from Johannesburg. Go on a safari tour with an experienced ranger and spot South Africa’s wildlife in its natural habitat.

Want to upscale your experience? Take the challenge to spot all Africa’s Big Five: Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Leopard, and Buffalo.

In short of time but still want to experience your once in a life time wild safari? Head over to Pilanesberg National Park. Just 2 hours away from Johannesburg and you can spot the animals from ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Madagascar’.

Went for a morning safari and saw this beauty up close!
  • White water rafting at Crocodile River

One of the best spots to get your adrenaline pumping. With only  basic paddling skills required, conquer the river’s strong rapids and manage the twist and turns. Unlike it’s name, luckily there are no crocodiles in the river. But you might came across birds and lizards on the banks.

What to eat in Johannesburg?
  • Game meat

After experiencing real safari, your trip would not be complete without trying South Africa’s game meat. Don’t worry, locals also don’t eat game meat everyday and no endangered animals are eaten here.

Game meat contenders including ostrich, blesbok, kudu (one of local’s favourite and Biltong can also be made from this!), giraffe, crocodile, impala, warthog (or you may know it as ‘Pumba’). Head over to The Carnivore restaurant for the best game meat testing experience in the city!

Crocodile skewer that actually tastes like chicken?! Definitely a must try!
  • Chakalaka and Pap

Just like how your morning starts with bread and butter, South Africans have their own version of it.

Pap (shortened from mieliepap) is a softly cooked maize porridge which was firstly introduced by Bantu tribes to the South when it was populated by hunters, foragers, and gatherers.

Chakalaka is more like South Africa’s salad-like side dish made using a mixture of sauteed canned beans, grated carrots, tomatoes, garlic, and spices. The strong flavour will elevate any plate, including Pap, from blandness. That’s why it is common to see Pap and Chakalaka being served together in a table.

Fun fact: did you know that KFCs in South Africa sell Pap to their menu?

How’s the weather in Johannesburg?

Although Johannesburg is just 2-hours flight from Cape Town, be prepared for a complete change of weather. Summer can be wetter with higher precipitation in Johannesburg, while winter is most likely to be dry and clear. If you are planning for a trip to both Cape Town and Johannesburg, make sure to bring all essentials needed.

Words can’t describe the beauty of South Africa, grab the opportunity to explore more during exchange!

South Africa exchange partner university: University of Cape Town

Looking for a trip up in the North? Join us for a soothing experience in Iceland!

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