Singapore – home to the monumental movie: Crazy Rich Asians. Singapore is full of many iconic landmarks that reflect the people – sophisticated yet down to earth. Derian Lee Fu Chen, studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) in Singapore hails from this small country and gives his take on the best of Singapore.

Disclaimer: These are personal opinions and perspectives of the interviewees and are not a perfect representation of the whole country/experience.

Edited by Megan Chen

Title Image: Andrew (2017) Flickr.

Not only is the built environment absolutely mesmerising, but Singaporean food is so delicious. Similar to its neighbour, Malaysia, Singapore combines a mix of cultures, bringing a diverse array of foods to tantalise your palate.

How would you describe Singapore?

Singapore is a dynamic, vibrant and bustling metropolitan with a multicultural background. About 90% of the population speak English, although the national language is Malay. Everyone is friendly and accommodating and it is a common practice in Singapore to dress in shorts (as it is an average of 33 degrees). The biggest shock for most people would be the extremely humid weather and the fact that Singaporeans absolutely love to queue!

What are some famous places a tourist should visit?

The Visit Singapore website has some great recommendations so be sure to check that out. Here is a visual summary:

File:Raffles Hotel 2012 0076.jpg
Raffles Hotel in Singapore
Source: Elisa.rolle (2012) Wikimedia Commons.

Gardens by the Bay

File:Marina Bay Sands from Gardens By The Bay.jpg
Gardens by the Bay
Source: Danijel Mihajlovic (2019)

Marina Bay

Orchard Road

The Heart of Orchard Road
Source: William Cho (2009) Flickr.

Sentosa Island

File:Siloso Beach Sentosa island Singapore (35950677093).jpg
Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island
Source: dronepicr (2017) Flickr.

What are some must-try foods?

A must try for anyone visiting Singapore would be Chicken rice and coincidentally, we have the best Chicken rice in the world.

Chicken Rice
Source: Derian Lee

Some of the best foods/attractions in Singapore are not typically known by tourists for example: Gardens by the Bay (East) where they have a park that is open to the public and not many tourists would go.

What is the weather usually like and how do you suggest dressing for it?

I strongly recommended shorts, sunglasses as it is always humid and hot in Singapore.

What are the most well-known universities in your country and what are they usually known for?

The best University would be National University of Singapore and it is known as a good all-rounder university.

Following that, here are some other universities that UNSW is also Exchange Partners with:
Nanyang Technological University
LASALLE College of the Arts
Singapore Management University

What is your favourite part about your country?

The food and people.

Exchange in Singapore is an amazing experience! With Singapore being a great location to surrounding countries as well as a layover point, your potential to travel is almost endless. Read about our exchange experience in Nanyang Tech and National University of Singapore for more details.

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