Going Global.

It seems that high school graduates are finding it harder to decide on career paths when they enter university.

With the rapidly-changing environment, choosing a degree that provides financial and job security but still satisfies the interests of the individual is no easy task.

What is apparent in the increasingly globalised world is that many companies, especially medium and large are looking for individuals who have a ‘global-mind’. Transportation and communication technologies are advancing so quickly that it’s no longer a challenge to develop meaningful relationships with other international businesses.

This is why employers are actively seeking people who are receptive and can adapt to different cultures respectfully.

Things to Prepare for Going Global

Connections are your new opportunities.

Connections are important to launch yourself into your career but don’t make superficial connections. Look into society or university events that can help link you with people in your industry. Ask questions when given the opportunity and let these guest speakers know what you want to achieve. Then ask them how to get there! Make sure to get to know them as a person and ask them for their story in order to tap into the potential for a more meaningful connection.

A firm handshake is always a good first impression.

A second-language will be advantageous.

The best way to connect with people is speaking their language. Often times in the workplace, it may help you make deeper connections if you speak the same language as your client or partner. Look into your degree progression to see if you can fit in a few language courses. If not, there are plenty of online language applications that will enable you to at least greet and understanding cultural formalities in their language.

So many languages to choose from – check your university to see what they offer!

Exchange experiences may lead to international opportunities.

Going on exchange is not necessarily just about finding your home away from home. Some UNSW students have been fortunate enough to source short international internships from their exchanges and this has been a huge advantage in getting hired! After all, employees just want you to demonstrate that you’re capable of thriving in the culturally dynamic environment. What better way to do this through exchange and international internships?

Exchange is an experience unique to university!

Degrees in international relations or business can help.

Of course, dedicating three or more years to studying the landscape of global business can be incredibly helpful. The Bachelor of Commerce (International) ties in some crucial elements: a fully-structured commerce degree, an opportunity to major or minor in international components and a $5000 scholarship to go on exchange for a year.

Regardless of the degree, the point is to demonstrate that you’re knowledgable about the industry and its trends. If you can exhibit these skills, your employer should be interested nonetheless.

If changing degrees isn’t appealing to you, joining societies or clubs that will help launch your career in international relations is a way to go too!

Enjoy your university experience but remember to study hard too!

Keep up to date with the news.

If all else fails, keeping up to date with the news and reflecting on how your degree can help will be the best way to exercise your global mindset. Look for trends and what the world needs. Then be the person to fill that gap.

Careers that deal with international issues will continue to flourish in the near future. If you’re someone who would like to get stuck into global careers, there’s no better time than the present to start your journey.

Good luck!

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