University of Leeds (Leeds, England)

by Eric Gao



Leeds University is located in northern England in the city of Leeds, right next to Manchester City, which is one of the fastest growing cities in England. The city has its own airport from which you can either begin your Europe adventures or book a return trip to Ireland for less than the price of a decent meal for 2 in Sydney (Approx. $20 each way). For trips to more obscure destinations or longer flights the larger, Manchester airport is only a 40-minute train trip away. The university itself meshes different Victorian architectural styles with modern buildings to create a diverse looking learning environment.



Accommodation is split into 3 main groups; Uni run dorms, partner dorms and private/small housing. You can live anywhere from Leeds city centre up to Leeds Uni all the way to Headingley if you wish. I would not recommend Headingley as getting home after a night out in Leeds city centre or at uni is a 30-40 minute walk each way.

These dorms are what you’d expect of student life. There are house parties pretty much every week and meeting people will be really easy. You’ll also be able to meet plenty of exchange students.

Notable dorms:

  • Charles Morris
  • Montague Burton
  • Central Village
  • Leodis

Private/smaller housing

Private or smaller housing means that finding people will be a bit more difficult but on average your rooms will be bigger and the places will be cheaper. Most private listings are situated in the Hyde Park area and can be found on Unipol. The university also has info on smaller uni-run housing options on their accommodation website.



The campus itself is quite large with accommodation both on and off campus. There are small grocers on campus, at Hyde Park and on Woodhouse lane. Otherwise the city centre is a 20 minute walk away from campus. There are 3 main libraries, Edward Boyle, Brotherton and Laidlaw. Laidlaw is the most modern whilst Edward Boyle is currently being renovated. Brotherton looks like a smaller Library of Congress. The gym is well equipped and there is also a nightclub on campus underneath the main student union building.




It was named University of the Year 2017 by the Times and the Sunday Times Good University Guide, for its unparalleled dedication to student satisfaction and is ranked in the top 100 universities worldwide.

In terms of academics most courses will be graded by a 100% final exam which will leave you with a lot of leeway throughout the semester when it comes to balancing your academics with other ventures. The pass mark is also 40% but markers are harsher than they are in UNSW so in the end the overall level of difficulty is around the same.6125070482_213f7ba043_b

Student life:

Leeds is an amazing student city with a vibrant night life ranging from late night raves at revamped warehouses to the weekly Fruity Fridays underneath the Student Union in Leeds University. For those who are looking for something more exotic Call Lane has several culturally themed bars

Leeds University Union is the Arc equivalent and the union itself is one of the best in the UK. There is a very vibrant clubs and societies scene ranging from the performing arts such as Backstage society to sports and cultural societies. The annual Leeds Varsity is a 3 part sporting competition with the other university in the area, Leeds Beckett. Varsity is a huge event with merchandise and takes place in the local stadium.

The university’s dedication to student safety can be seen in its night bus service and its taxi service partnership (more info in the links below).


Surrounding area and Travel:

Leeds is located in Yorkshire, in the north of England. The area is rich in history and the city of York is a short train trip away. In York is the Yorkminster, a church on par with the Westminster in London. Leeds Bradford is a small airport that can get you to most of the major locations whilst Manchester airport is there for flights to anywhere else. On arrival you can fly to Manchester airport and then get the bus or the train to Leeds. In Leeds itself, there is Kirkstall abbey and Headingley, both of which are a 30 minute walk from campus. There is also the Yorkshire Dales, a set of parks that are a bit further out.


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