Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

by Sarah Dinh


Nanyang Technological University is a Singaporean University and is located near the boarder between Malaysia and Singapore.  It may sound like a bit of a trek but it’s Singapore so how far can it really get?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Don’t except hotel living but it is pretty decent with the toilets cleaned everyday so it’s not gross.  Unfortunately it is not really within walking distance from campus (depending on where you stay) but it is nothing like college at UNSW.

Apart from that there are good facilities with : hall, study rooms, music rooms, usually food, vending machines and laundry.  It is also really cheap when compared to Australian accommodation.


The campus itself is massive but there are shuttle buses to take you around campus, reducing the need to walk long distances.  The culture in Singapore is that even local students will live on campus so amenities are plentiful, with around 12 Singaporean food courts you’ll be well fed with good variety.  You will also find two grocery stores, a library for every department and ample study space.

There are lots of sport/club opportunities; in particular sports are by ‘hall’ so you will not have a problem finding something.


Taking finance courses I found that the subject content wasn’t necessarily harder but the students there study harder making the standards seem higher. Derivatives (Options) is probably harder in NTU than at UNSW, but Security Analysis and Valuation is easier at NTU so do it there!

NTU Business

Social Activities and Night Life:

I don’t really club in Sydney so it would be hard to make comparisons, but I personally felt that it was pretty decent in Singapore.  Ladies night is on Wednesdays and most people got to Attica where girls get 6 free drinks.

Clarke Quay is where most of the action is, but there are a few nice places you can go on other days of the week.  I really liked ‘Loof’.

What to see/travelling:

Around South East Asia!  It is a good opportunity to go to Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia given their proximity!

Hong Kong is also an option, I did a HK trip which I loved!


General tips & conclusion:

The local students are really friendly but you’d usually have to approach them (especially if you’re not Asian) they won’t approach you.  I had the benefit of being Asian so they were a little more comfortable with me (I think) because I looked like them.

Most people will offer to take you around but students in Singapore are pretty busy with study and whatnot.  But everyone loves food and will want to take you to eat the best food around!

Learn Singlish, everyone loves teaching you Singlish.

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