New York City – New York, USA

By Marija Ozegovic

So my friend convinced me it would be fun to go to New York City before we started our semesters abroad in Canada. I always had this preconception that it was one of those places that were overhyped for no real reason. So hesitantly, I caved in and we were on our way.

Boy how my presumptions changed!

Marija Washington Square

Spending a week in New York City made me fall in love with it and now I full heartedly understand why everyone else does as well. There was not one thing or place there that I could say was my favourite. Rather, it felt like the whole city was so gelled together that simply being in New York was my favourite experience.

From getting lost in Central Park as we tried to find the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fountain, to eating the “World’s Best Pizza” on Wall St, everything we did in this city felt magical. However, I guess all this magic came at a price. NYC was extremely expensive, and with the tax and tipping required it all adds up. My friend and I booked a place on 34th Street, right behind the Empire State Building. It was centrally located but way too much. I later figured out that there was a hostel down the road that was almost half the price. So do your research before you book your trip.

Marija Central ParkThe one thing I didn’t regret splurging on was seeing Finding Neverland on Broadway. Treat yourself to a Broadway musical and you might just end up crying tears of happiness like me. Aside from the priciness of the city, there are things to do on a low budget. Take a trip to the Highlands Park where you can catch a great view of the Hudson River and also spot Banksy’s graffiti art. If you’re into stand up comedy, New York City is the place to be. With 30 Rock and NBC studios close by, you can snag free tickets to late night shows. One of the highlights of this trip was when my friend and I trekked to 30 Rock at 4am to wait in line for Jimmy Fallon stand by tickets. We just missed out but ended up seeing Seth Meyers instead!

Overall, I found New York City to be one of the most welcoming places I’ve ever visited. There really is something for everyone to do. With a bit of research you can escape the classic touristy hot stops and make NYC your city for a week.

Marija Empire State

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